Compression stockings can help prevent or improve venous and lymphatic conditions

Whether you call them compression stocking, gradient stocking, support stockings or pressure stocking, they refer to the same thing, namely specialise elastic hosiery that is designed to improve blood flow in your legs. This means they combat conditions such as edema, phlebitis, thrombosis and other venous disorders. Advanced Medical Homecare is recommended supplier of compression stockings, including Jobst compression stockings in Bucks County, Exton, Montgomery County and Philadelphia.

Compression stockings can prevent aching, swelling and the formation of blood clots since the gently message your legs, promoting the flow of blood. Compression stocking are also useful for people with varicose veins and spider veins. Compression therapy stimulates blood flow, decrease venous pressure and can help prevent impairments of the venous walls. Compression therapy can help prevent both venous diseases and disorders as well as lymphatic disorders.

There are different kinds of compression stockings distinguished by things such as pressure, length and color. Jobst compression stockings are known for comfort and you can wear them all day. They are also available in a variety of colors and styles and can have a semi-sheer look. Anti-microbial fabrics prevent odor build-up and advanced knitting technology allows for improved ventilation and temperature control.

Jobst compression stockings are one of the most highly physician recommended brands of compression therapy. Jobst compression stockings are available as sportswear, active wear and for relief purposes. For example, Jobst active wear such as compression socks can provide energising leg therapy. The compression socks mimics cotton and keep your feet dry and comfortable.

The ultra-sheer range is available as knee high, thigh high as well as pantyhose and maternity pantyhose fits. You can also get light, moderate and high compression stockings.

You get Jobst compression stockings for men and women as well as unisex versions.