Lift Chairs in Glen Mills, Kennett Square, Bucks, Montgomery County, Philadelphia, and West Chester

Lift Chairs

Lift chairs offer assisted living benefits

Advanced Medical Homecare can help you with mobility and assisted living products such as lift chairs and wheelchairs. They are your source for medical home care products in Bucks County, Glen Mills, Kennett Square, Montgomery County, Philadelphia or West Chester. 

Lift chairs are power operated and designed to help people who need assistance in sitting down or standing up.  There may be various reasons why a person may need the assistance of a lift chair. This could include old age, a temporary or permanent affliction or disease.

One of the problems when it comes to lift chairs is the vast array of options. There are many brands, multiple products, endless specifications and various price ranges. Lift chairs use electrical power and integrated battery backup. They can recline in different positions to accommodate different postures. They normally have side pockets for useful items such as glasses, water bottles, medications, magazines, remote controls, cell phones and so on.

Lift chairs are available in different sizes such as petite, small, medium, large and wide. You also have choices when it comes to design, colors, and fabrics. Lift chairs also have battery backup so you won’t be stuck when there is a power outage. Some lift chairs have heat and massage options as well as foot rest extension options. They are designed to add quality of life to people who have mobility problems related to sitting down and getting up.

Deciding on the right lift chair for your needs can be difficult and confusing. Advanced Medical Homecare carry a comprehensive range of lift chairs including the comforter lift chair, the Maxicomforter lift chair, the comforter wide lift chair, the signature series of space saver lift chairs, hi-lift chairs, cloud lift chair, Cambridge lift chair and the relaxer lift chair. Their consultants will help you make the right choice when it comes to lift chairs in Bucks County, Glen Mills, Kennett Square, Montgomery County, Philadelphia or West Chester.