Tena Serenity, Tena Briefs in Philadelphia

Say goodbye to incontinence with TENA Briefs and Serenity Products

Urinary incontinence indeed is a distressing issue resulting from involuntary urination. This results mostly from enlarged prostate or excessive urine production. Besides a person’s lifestyle to a large extent is a common reason of incontinence. For instance, if an individual consumes cola or other drinks having caffeine content in large proportions, this automatically will stimulate the bladder highly that leads to frequent urination. If you or any of your family members or dear ones are suffering from such problems, then without any hesitation make the most of TENA Briefs, pads and other TENA serenity products. We at Advanced Medical Homecare offer TENA products of all types and for both men and women. These products are designed for people experiencing bowel or bladder incontinence. It has wetness indicators and hook fasteners that makes changing these products more controlled and easier. The areas that we cover include West Chester, Philadelphia, Bucks County, Chester County and Montgomery County.

Why use Tena products?

  • Tena products are available in different styles for satisfying the needs of all. This means it's simple for anyone to find a product which is most suited to his/her problem
  • It comes in assorted sizes for fitting every body type. The sizes of these products come in different lengths that means that every person will have the flexibility of selecting a fit and size that is the most comfortable.
  • It comes in different absorbency levels. There are some who face, slight leakage while the signs for others may be more. TENA products will help to offer added protection

With age, people’s body becomes susceptible to body malfunctions that often are distressing and humiliating. Urinal incontinence and loss of the power of the bladder are two such problems that are common in both men and women. We offer TENA products of all varieties to help you avoid any embarrassing situation.