Wheel Chairs for Bucks County, Glen Mills, Kennett Square, Montgomery County, Paoli, & Philadelphia

Bucks CountyTypes of Wheel Chairs for Philadelphia and Nearby Communities

Advanced Medical Homecare is a recommended source for wheel chairs in Bucks County, Glen Mills, Kennett Square, Montgomery County, Paoli and Philadelphia. They are a full-service DME (durable medical equipment) company and they supply a comprehensive range of medical equipment, including wheel chairs. They supply manual wheel chairs, power wheel chairs as well as wheel chair accessories. They have wheel chairs to suit most needs and budgets.

Wheel chairs are mobility products and help people who can’t walk, whether temporarily or permanently. Manual wheelchairs are propelled by muscle force. Manual wheelchairs don’t have battery assistance or motors. It can be self-propelling in which case the patient must propel the wheelchair, or it can companion propelled in which case someone else pushes the wheelchair. 

There are many types of wheelchairs including transport wheelchairs, heavy duty wheel chairs, bariatric manual wheelchairs, lightweight wheel chairs, pediatric wheelchairs, sports wheelchairs, tilt and recliner wheel chairs, rigid wheelchairs, folding wheelchairs and more. Most wheelchairs are made from steel, aluminum or titanium. For example, aluminum is used to manufacture light weight wheel chairs.

The Everest & Jennings Traveller L4 wheelchair is a good example of a lightweight Medicare approved K0004 wheelchair. This wheelchair is designed for the home and rehab markets.  The Everest & Jennings Advantage Recliner offers durability and performance at an affordable price. It features additional neck support and can adjust to fit multiple needs.

In addition to manual wheelchairs Advanced Medical Homecare can also help you with power wheelchairs.  Power wheel chairs can be traditional style which means they are similar in appearance to a manual wheel chair. They are usually battery powered. A recent addition to power wheelchair range are the 3 or 4 wheeled scooters.