Wheelchairs: Bucks County, Chester County, Philadelphia

Types of Wheelchairs

Whether you need a wheel chair as a result of an accident, disease or old age, you have many options. Advanced Medical Homecare supplies wheel chairs in Montgomery County, Paoli and Philadelphia and can help you select the right mobility product for your situation.

There are many different types of wheelchairs and we can break them down into four main types. These are manual wheel chairs, transport wheel chairs, power wheelchairs and scooters. Then you also get optional bells and whistles in the form of accessories. You also get specialised wheelchairs such as sport wheel chairs, beach wheel chairs, pediatric wheel chairs, bathroom wheel chairs and commercial use wheel chairs.

Manual wheelchairs have 2 large back wheels and 2 front castor wheels and can be self-propelled by the passenger. Transport or travel wheelchairs can only be propelled by another person such as a nurse, care giver or companion. Manual wheelchairs can be folded and can fit into a normal car. They come fully assembled and the leg rests are removable.

Power wheelchairs and scooters can offer greater mobility and freedom and make it easier to get around and traverse greater distances. Another option that lies somewhere between a manual wheel chair and a power chair, is power assist. With power assist you still have the benefits of exercise, lower cost and transportability whilst having extra horse power when you need it.

Manual wheelchairs are cheaper, more portable and easier to transport than power chairs. On the other hand, power chairs give you more independence and freedom. Power assist could also be a good option for those who prefer manual but will appreciate the extra power from time to time.

There are many factors to consider when deciding on the type of wheelchair or wheel chairs that you want. These include cost, where you live, where you might go, accessibility, transportability, how fit you are and so on.