Wheel Chairs in Paoli, Philadelphia, West Chester, Glen Mills, Bucks County, and Montgomery County

Things to Look for in Wheel Chairs

wheelchairsAdvanced Medical Homecare is a recommended source for wheel chairs in Bucks County, Glen Mills, Montgomery County, Paoli, Philadelphia and West Chester. They are a supplier of durable medical equipment and one of their specialty areas is mobility equipment. They stock a comprehensive range of wheelchairs and wheel chair accessories.

There are two main categories of wheel chairs namely manual wheel chairs and power wheel chairs

You need to decide whether you need a manual wheel chair or a power wheel chair. There are many different types of manual wheelchairs. You can get a wheel chair for around $100 and you get wheel chairs for around $1000 and many others in between. Price is an important consideration when researching wheel chairs. 

When it comes to manual wheel chairs size matters. You need to be comfortable, so you should consider seat width, seat depth, back height, seat height, hanger angle as well as the wheel chamber. It is important to keep in mind that the height of your seat back will affect the range of motion in your shoulders, which could impact your ability to push the wheelchair. Using a wheelchair that is not a proper fit will be uncomfortable and can even result in injury. You need to have proper measurements before purchasing.

Other important consideration when looking for a wheel chair include propulsion, storage, accessories as well as service and maintenance. Manual wheel chairs can be self-propelled or attendant propelled. Wheel chairs can be bulky so you also need to consider storage as well as transport in a vehicle.

A good example of a manual wheel chair is the Sentra Reclining Wheelchair from Drive Medical. This is a proper reclining wheelchair with possible adjustment through 180 degrees. Other features include swing away leg rests, cushion head immobilizer, carbon steel frame and more. These wheelchairs are available in different sizes so you will get the proper fit.