Tena pads and briefs for greater protection, comfort and dignity

When it comes to medical home care supplies such as Tena pads and Tena briefs play an important role. Advanced Medical Homecare is a leading supplier of medical home care consumables in West Chester, Philadelphia, Bucks County, Chester County and Montgomery County. 

Tena briefs or protective underwear are designed for moderate to heavy leakage. Tena briefs are worn like normal underwear and are available for men and women. Tena pads also provide extra security for women and are available in different styles and sizes.

Incontinence products such as Tena pads and briefs are designed with security and comfort in mind. For example hook tabs ensure refastening is easy and effective and offers a comfortable fit. The InstaDri skin-caring systems engineered into Tena ultra-briefs ensure rapid absorption and dryness. Nonwoven back sheets are extra soft for enhanced comfort and dignity.

Tena pads and Tena briefs incorporate cutting edge technology such as instant dry and super-fast absorption by super absorbent microbeads. These advances features increase comfort but also help to protect the skin from exposure to body fluids such as urine and feces.

Tena briefs and pads also lock in liquids and help to reduce odors and consequently patience experience greater comfort and dignity. These products are also manufactured from soft materials that greatly reduce skin irritation and rashes. Other features include wetness indicators that alert care givers, leg elastics for better fit, moisture proof linings for added protection.

Tena pads and briefs are available in different sizes so there will be the right size for you or a loved one. 

Whatever medical supplies and consumables you need for effective home care, you can count on Advanced Medical Homecare. They are a full-service provider of medical equipment as well as supplies for medical home care, including Tena pads and Tena briefs.