Compression Stockings, Lift Chairs, Wheel Chairs, in West Chester, Montgomery County, Philadelphi PA

Are you looking for an online store providing advanced homecare supplies in the areas like Bucks County, Chester County, and Montgomery County? Then, search no more and opt for Advanced Medical Homecare Supplies. Our company is always at your service in providing all kinds of medical help when it comes to mobility and home equipment like CPAP machines and CPAP supplies for sleep apnea treatment. We also provide a series of oxygen equipment that includes portable oxygen concentrators, home fill devices, tubing, and supplies. If you are in need of compression stockings, don’t worry as it is available here. But, before purchasing it from us, read this blog to know more about these stockings and how they work.

Few things to know about compression stockings

  • Improves circulation in the legs
    • These stockings are usually prescribed to people suffering from leg vein issues. It is used to prevent blood clotting in the leg, especially after surgeries in the interim period of recovery when one might be less active. The snug fit of the compression socks encourages proper blood flow thus allowing the veins to be more active. These stockings keep the limbs strong and help to adjust with strain better.
  • Involves graduated compression in its design
    • Are you still wondering how compression socks work? Well, let me tell you. They involve graduated compression in their design. Because of this, there is a varying degree of tightness along the length of the sock. To make it simple, the compression decreases as the sock goes up the leg. This allows better circulation that doesn’t get pinched off by the tightness of the compression sock. Some of these are designed to give additional convenience, like wicking away moisture and focusing on cushioning. There are other compression socks that focus on length and others on added compression.
    • I hope this blog has given you enough information about the usage and benefits of compression socks. So, what are you waiting for? We invite the residents of Paoli, Philadelphia and West Chester to get in touch with us now at (610) 524-1510.