Lift Chairs in Philadelphia & West Chester, PA

Lift chairs make life easier for the patient and the caregiver

Older people and people with certain afflictions may have difficulty is sitting down and getting up. Lift chairs offer a solution for people who have problems getting in and out of a chair. It a natural thing to want to sit down, to take a seat. If you have difficulty with that you lose some of your independence because it means someone has to help you with this basic activity. A lift chair can give you back some of that independence and make your daily life easier.

People often have problems due to reasons such as ageing, surgery, injury or illness. If any of these affect your mobility you should know there are solutions. Whether it’s in the form of a lift chair that makes it easier for you sit down and stand up, or a stair lift that makes it easy for you to move up or down a flight of stairs.

Chair lifts look and feel like a normal or regular chair. However, they have a mechanism that enables the user to raise or lower the chair, thereby making it easy to get on the chair and just as easy to get off it. Lift chairs enable users to retain some independence. They also make daily life easier and reduce the risk of injury.

A good example is the Golden DayDreamer lift chair. This chair features an exclusive PowerPillow™ that offers ultimate position control. A user can also recline back and adjust the cushion for maximum comfort.

Lift chairs offer benefits to users as well as care givers. They also reduce risk of injury to caregivers who would otherwise have to assist a patient with the process of getting in and out of a chair. That in itself can also be a time consuming task; time that could be used for other activities. Chair lifts also help to reduce stress for both the patient and the caregiver.