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Advanced Medical Homecare can help you with an oxygen concentrator in Bucks County, Exton, Montgomery County or Philadelphia. An oxygen concentrator is a medical device designed to deliver concentrated oxygen to people with breathing disorders. People with low blood oxygen may well require oxygen therapy.

Oxygen concentrators can only be obtained via prescription and cannot simply be purchased over the counter. The device can be powered by normal electricity or by a battery. That means you can rely on batter power and backup as well as mains power. A modern oxygen concentrator is different to a traditional oxygen tank. A tank is filled with a fixed amount of concentrated oxygen and can only dispense that amount. A medical oxygen concentrator takes in air from the surroundings and therefor will never run out of a supply of oxygen.

There are some similarities between an oxygen concentrator and an air conditioner. It sucks in air from the surroundings and then modifies that air. In fact, it purifies the air and then delivers what is known as medical oxygen to the patient. An oxygen concentrator modifies the air by concentrating it and removing nitrogen. This results in purified or medical oxygen that is the delivered to the patient via a nasal cannula.

There are two main types of oxygen concentrators. One is only for home use and the other type is portable. A Portable unit can be used at home and on the go. Portable oxygen concentrators are small enough to transport in vehicles and most major brands are FAA approved. Home oxygen concentrators use a continuous flow delivery system and portable units mostly use an on-demand delivery system.

Whether you need oxygen therapy in in Bucks County, medical oxygen in Exton, purified oxygen in Montgomery County or oxygen treatment in Philadelphia, Advanced Medical Homecare can help you with home and portable oxygen concentrators.