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Philadelphia is renowned for its early colonial and American Revolutionary War history. The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and Betsy Ross House are tourist attractions known the world over. But many don’t know that Philadelphia was the American mecca of medical innovation of the 19th century. Modern medicine has deep roots in Philadelphia.

The nation’s first hospital, Pennsylvania Hospital, was founded in 1751 by citizens led by Benjamin Franklin. Today, the historic building features the original library with important medical, scientific, and natural history volumes, some dating back to the 16th century. On display are also a number of ground-breaking medical illustrations. The oldest example in the United States of a surgical amphitheater, built in 1804, originally sold tickets to the public to watch live surgery, is at Pennsylvania Hospital.

Philadelphia is home to the College of Physicians, the country’s first professional medical organization, which is still highly active in promoting public health awareness. The College owns an unsurpassed collection of medical oddities, including archival photography of unusual deformities, diseases, and other unique afflictions, all on display at Philadelphia’s Mutter Museum.

There is no “Silicon Valley” for healthcare, but Philadelphia has been a leading, innovating healthcare and life sciences hub for centuries. Healthcare leaders and decision-makers today look to research conducted by institutions in Philadelphia for innovations in health IT, medical devices, health systems, venture investing, mobile apps, and biotech and pharma research.

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