Tena Briefs and Pads in Philadelphia

Tena pads, briefs and liners enable you to deal with a weak bladder problems

Incontinence products such as Tena Pads and Tena Briefs are important for people with bladder and related problems. Advanced Medical Homecare provides medical products and supplies for in home care in West Chester, Philadelphia, Bucks County, Chester County, Montgomery County. They suppy a range of medical home care products including incontinence products such as Tena Pads and Tena Briefs. Other medical equipment and supplies on offer include Bipap devices, Cpap supplies, hospital beds, lift chairs, wheelchairs and more.

Problems with bladder control affect a large part of the population and this condition becomes more acute with ageing. Bladder weakness should not be an obstacle to enjoying life and performing daily activities. There are incontinence products that help you manage the problem as well as other possible cures and solutions.

Ultra-thin Tena liners are highly absorbent and will offer you the kind of protection you need to carry on with your daily activities. Tena liners and pads naturally fit your body in such a way as to offer maximum comfort, protection and odor control.

Tena Pads have a fast drying core and combined with their highly absorbent polymers, they offer maximum protection and comfort. This enables you to continue with your daily activities while providing you with the peace of mind knowing any accidental leakage will be quickly absorbed without discomfort or odors.

Tena Briefs are in the shape of underwear pants and as such they offer protection with discretions. They will keep you dry and comfortable enabling you to enjoy your daily activities without abnormal concerns about leakage.

Tena pads, briefs and liners are incontinence products that are designed to help you manage your bladder problems and enable you to continue living in a normal way. However they are not a substitute for medical examination, advice and treatment.