Ameda Breast Pumps in West Chester and Philadelphia

The Advantages of Using Breast Pumps

What is a breast pump?

A breast pump is a device that extracts milk from the breast of a lactating woman.

The use of a breast pump presents a lot of advantages:

  1. Return to work There are many mothers who need to return to work shortly after giving birth and the use of a breast pump helps them store their milk, so that they can provide their babies with breastmilk even when they are not around. Another advantage would be, that a mother can continue feeding her baby only on breastmilk for as long as she would like.
  2. Allow other people to feed the baby A very nice thing about breast pumps, is that this way the other members of the family can enjoy the moment of feeding the baby, especially the dad.
  3. Storing milk for emergency situations There are situations in which a mother cannot breastfeed her baby, for example when she is sick and takes medication. In such a case having a milk supply in the freezer can be really helpful.
  4. Relief from pain Breastfeeding a baby all the time can become very painful for a mom, because her nipples can become sensitive and irritated. Using a breast pump can give a mother the chance to relax and recover a little bit.
  5. Feeding more babies at the same time

In case you have twins or triplets, the best thing you can do as a mom, is to store your breastmilk in bottles, so that you can feed your babies at the same time. Feeding them one by one could be very tiring for you, as it takes much more time and energy. Besides, you do not want to make your babies wait for a long time when they are hungry.

As we can see, the extraction and storage of milk can be very helpful for a mother, but when doing it, she should make sure that she purchases the right kind of breast pump, providing maximum protection and great quality for her baby. There are many stores and companies that present a great variety of breast pumps, such as the ones in West Chester, Philadelphia, Bucks County and Chester County.