Wheelchairs in Philadelphia & Chester County

4 types of wheelchair lifts available in the market today

Having difficulties in dealing with the physical disabilities of your grandparents? With such a hectic business schedule, today most grandchildren can hardly even spare a few minutes time in helping their grandparents with physical disabilities to climb up and down the stairs or to walk over long distances. At this point of time, these grandchildren should consider installing a wheelchair lift at home. With so benefits like- offering a better sense of independence and allowing easy accessibility around a building, there has been a huge demand for wheelchair lifts, a mechanical device used to lift a wheelchair bound person without the need for him or her to get out of the wheelchair. In one- or two-storied buildings where there is an inadequate space for installing conventional home elevators are the areas a wheelchair lift can be installed. They do not require anywhere near the space of such elevators. We, Adaptive Environments have been providing accessibility solutions for both commercial and residential projects for over 25 years, having installed nearly 10,000 lifts in Michigan. For more information about wheelchair lifts or home elevators, click herewww.Adaptive-environments.com.

Read on to find out which wheelchair lift is the most suitable for you

  1. Inclined Platform Wheelchair lifts: Inclined Platform wheelchair lifts, designed for both indoor and outdoor applications are very beneficial for those people who have difficulty in climbing up a set of stairs. It can be found anywhere- residences, churches, schools and luxury hotels.
  2. Vertical Platform Wheelchair lifts: Vertical platform wheelchair lifts, helpful for those having a physical disability are usually customized to suit any commercial or residential building application. It can even be installed as a home elevator and is either powered by hydraulics or electrical energy.
  3. Portable Wheelchair lifts: Portable Wheelchair lift is specially designed for easy functionality in school stages, outdoor bleachers and vertical raised platforms.
  4. Portable Vertical lifts: Portable vertical lifts are designed to provide the functions of both portable wheelchair lift as well as vertical wheelchair lifts and has easy access to various applications.

Whichever option you choose from the above, ensure that it is of the highest quality. Never compromise on the quality over costs.